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The word "gravity" is a word coined by Sir Isaac Newton to describe an unseen force that attracts objects with mass to each other. As human beings living on planet earth we experience this force as one which constantly impedes us from floating away into the cosmos.

We have however heard of Wholesale Max Scharping Jersey , and some of us may have even witnessed feats of levitation that appear to defy the "laws of gravity". How does one explain such violations of such a basic and fundamental "law" of the universe?

Well, as Einstein himself suggested, such anomalies often are the door to a more complete understanding of the reality we call our universe. In what follows I report on a case study with a new process called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) which may begin to shed some light on this apparently "unusual" phenomenon of levitation and hopefully ignite research into new areas of science that will help more fully elucidate our view of our reality.

I have described the MRP process in my book which one can find on my web site below and I have written extensively on it in other articles here hence I refer you to these resources for more information on the process itself.

In my work with MRP I generally assist individuals to release negative beliefs Wholesale Lonnie Johnson Jersey , memories, emotions, perceptions and behaviors from their bio-field. In this process a recurring experience of individuals is a feeling of lightness and buoyancy. Now although this is considered to be solely a feeling experience by most it has been my experience that in some cases this has been associated with a) rapid and seemingly unexplained weight loss and b) spontaneous experiences of levitation of body parts i.e. arms and hands.

I must qualify by saying that in none of this is there any hypnotic suggestion given or implied and the clients are always fully conscious. As some may know supposed feats of levitation are apparently the result of hypnotic suggestion. These however appear to be related more to mind control of peripheral muscle systems and can therefore be easily accounted for.

With MRP clients also experience a sense of "emotional lightness". What this means is that the "grave" feelings that are associated with the negativity they previously carried in their bio-fields and hence in their bodies gave them a feeling of being "weighted down"! When this negativity is released they spontaneously feel "lighter" both emotionally and physically!

Additionally they almost regularly report a sense inner radiance Wholesale Tytus Howard Jersey , which is apparent to others as well, and a feeling of increased energy or vibration in their bodies.

In summary what appears to be happening according to these accounts is a conversion of matter into energy. Now I know that this will be met with skepticism and I accept that. I do however wish to ask that you notice how you feel inside as a result of my having said what I have said so far and notice whether at a feeling level you resonate with what has been said?

So in summary what appears to be happening through the MRP process is the following:

1. Negativity is released from the bio-field and the body.

2. This negativity accounts for feelings of "emotional gravity" which essentially feels similar to the sensation of "physical gravity" i.e. the former is associated with feelings of being weighted down, feeling de-energized or drained Cheap Will Fuller V Jersey , feeling immobilized and feeling heavy.

3. As the negativity is released with MRP, the feelings of emotional gravity disappear.

4. Individuals also report feeling "lighter" both emotionally and physically.

5. Occasional reports of levitation and significant weight loss (i.e. up to 45 lbs in one week in one case in a client who was on no special diet, exercise program or weight loss prescription)

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